The Heritage

In Alexander Sutherland’s book – Victoria and its Metropolis (Vol1 p. 274) he describes Eaglemont in retrospect, from the time of the early 1880’s as:

“Scarcely a suburb, but rather a favourite district for those who desire to have ample domains around their dwellings. It was regarded as a distinctly aristocratic locality; the beauty of the scenery, and the quiet romantic aspect of the place, gave it an early reputation among the Melbourne of means, as a site for their country residences.”

When the rail line was extended from Clifton Hill to Heidelberg in 1888 it made the ownership of land in Eaglemont more attractive and building of shops in Silverdale Road, (Eaglemont) street began in the late 1920’s.

Shortly after this time a local man George Minto, (who captained the Australian Hockey Team) erected what was then a very imposing two story building on the corner of Silverdale and Allandale Roads. He ran a family grocery business with his wife and they had a residence upstairs. Years later when George obtained a licence to sell liquor, they bought the adjoining shop and turned it into a drive thru’ for alcohol and grocery takeaway sales. Over time the business developed into a specialist wine and spirits provider.

In the early 2000’s the business was acquired by an Irish couple, Tom & Eileen Delaney who moulded it into its present configuration, retaining the wine cellars and replacing the drive thru’ with a lounge bar.

Eaglemont Cellars has over time, morphed into your archetypical ‘Cheers’ type establishment.  Frequented mainly by locals, the Eagle Bar is a place where you can enjoy a variety of bottled and draught beers.  Or you can opt for a nice cheese platter and wash it down with a quality wine from the varied collection in the adjoining wine cellar.

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